Activities in Iceland

When travelling around Iceland, the possibilities of activities and excursions are endless at first glance. We’ve gathered a shortlist of the most popular activities along with the prices for those activities. The prices are per person, for adults and during the summer season. Note however that prices are almost always lower for children.

Whale watching – 9.300 ISK

In our experience whale watching is a must when travelling in Iceland. Húsavík is the optimal place for this experience. Located in the northeast of Iceland, Húsavík has become Icelands premier whale watching destination. The chances of seeing a whale are 95-98% according to the best whale watching companies. Most companies do provide some sort of refund if whales are not found. Most often it‘s in the form of an additional ticket.

Blue lagoon – 6.600 ISK

The blue lagoon is one of Icelands biggest attractions. The spa is located near the international airport on the Reykjanes peninsula. The blue lagoon is the optimal place for some tranquility in unique scenery.

Mývatn nature baths – 3.700 ISK

The Mývatn nature baths are very similar to the blue lagoon. Located in the north of Iceland it provides an almost identical experience for almost half the price.

Snowmobile (1 hour) – 21.990 ISK

A once in a lifetime experience for most travelers, these snowmobile tours are designed and grouped for all ages. From adventurous adrenaline boosting tour to a quiet peaceful tour with scenery on the foreground, everyone should find a tour that suits them.

Snorkeling in lake Þingvellir – 16.990 ISK

For all divers, coming to Iceland and diving in lake Þingvellir (Silfra) is a must and one of the most unique experiences a diver can experience. With the crystal clear water, most divers describe the feeling of vertico when first entering the water. The reason is the visibility and clearness of the water (visibility is over 100m). Another special experience when diving in lake Þingvellir is the fact that you are diving across/between two continents.

Caving – free to 39.000 ISK

An abundance of caves can be found through out Iceland. Most caves are free of charge with little or no infrastructure. Those with minimal infrastructure charge a fee of approx. 3.000 ISK with a tour guide. However there is one cave with maximum infrastructure which provides a once in a lifetime experience for a fee of 39.000 ISK. The reason for the rate is simple, you would be travelling inside an volcano.

Ice-Caving – 17.900 ISK

Of course accompanied with an experienced guide, Ice-Caving is truly one of the most unique experiences Iceland currently offers.

River rafting – 12.990 ISK

With varied difficulties from beginners to experienced rafters. Iceland has 5 rivers with the possibility of river rafting.

Boat tour on the Glacier lagoon – 4.500 ISK

Sailing on the glacier lagoon is an experience no one wants to miss out on. Two types of boats are possible, normal zodiac boat and an amphibian boat.

Quad bike tours – 13.900 to 25.900

As with the snowmobile tours, there are several types of quad tours. Everyone should be able to find a tour suiting their difficulty level.

Swimming pools – aprox. 550 ISK

One of the most underestimated attractions in Iceland. Outdoor swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s can be found in almost every town in Iceland. It‘s the place all Icelanders love to visit.

Tolls and driving fees

No toll fee is charged in Iceland. One tunnel in all of Iceland however charges for usage, that is Hvalfjarðargöng and the cost is 1.000 ISK