Dodge Ram 4×4 Camper

Dodge Ram 4×4 Camper

The Camper

– A sink with faucet
– Refrigerator, gas/battery
– 220v City connection
– Gas stove
– Heater
– Gas and fire alarm system
– Closets and storage rooms
– Sofa with dinette area
– Freshwater tank ca 40 L.
– Sleeping space for max 3-4 adults.
– Bed sizes:
– Upper bed 140x195 cm
– Dinette bed: 100x195cm"


– Office or Reykjavik pickup/drop off
– Vehicle model 2014-2016
– Fully equipped Camper (see spec. list above)
– Guidelines and advises @ pickup
– Introduction on how to use the camper etc. (est. 1 hour)
– Unlimited mileage
– Lifetime experience

– Optional items (extras) can be added in the booking process

We find the 4x4 Dodge Ram 1500 suitable for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. The camper offers you the freedom to sight-see and visit the places you are interested in on your own schedule as well as visit the famous highlands. The camper has a hard top, which means that there is no need to lift the top to access it and eliminating the need to set up for the night. Simply find a flat parking at any camping area and jump in the back. The hard top campers are a Dodge Ram 1500 which is a large and dependent vehicle. When compared to the Mitsubishi/Toyota soft side, the Dodge is a larger vehicle and more luxurious with 5 seats.

With cooking, sleeping and dining facilities the camper offers complete independence and flexibility regarding where you can eat, sleep and cook in comfort while travelling. Having the luxury of being able to change your schedule as you like, comes in handy when you are dealing with Iceland‘s sometimes unpredictable weather. If the weather is gorgeous you can stick around for another day or adjust your schedule to follow the good weather as Icelanders are prone to do.

If you are in need of extra sleeping space we recommend that you take a look at the tents we currently offer for rent. The tents are a quality Quechua Pop-up tents which take no more than 2 minutes to encamp. This way the Hard side Camper could easily be suitable for 5 adults. The extra tent as well as other extras can be added to your order during the booking process. We highly recommend the camper kit when renting the camper, as it can make your vacation much more enjoyable.

Optional Extras

Camper Kit - 200 euros*

tea towel
sleeping bags
can opener
bottle opener
simple coffee maker
kitchen brush
Kitchen rags
hand broom
Propane gas (9kg) & Cleaning.

*the camper kit fee is per rental and can be added in the booking process along with other extra camping items