VW Polo

Transmission Manual/Automatic
Seats 5 (4/5 passengers)
Doors 5
Fuel consumption (l/100km) City 6.0/Highway 4.5


We find the VW Polo suitable for up to three adults, or for two adults with two children. The VW Polo is the smallest and most economic car we currently offer.

The VW Polo is compact, classy and alert. The seats in the front are spacious, but can get crowded in the back if all three seats are used at the same time.

There is also enough space in the boot, which can simply be enlarged through the “Easy Flat” system, a system to easily flatten the backseat to create more storage space. The VW Polo is a very fuel efficient and good quality car suitable for most attractions, the ring road and many other destinations.

Due to the reason VW Polo has only 2 wheel drive and it’s height from the ground to the under-wagon, the VW Polo is limited to all paved roads and a few gravel roads with the center of the country being off limits as well as all F-roads (mountain roads)

Included in Camp Edt.

Camping: Tent 4x persons or 2x2 persons, Table, 4x Chairs,
Utilities: First aid kit, Electric pump, 2x Flashlights (In the off-season) 2x Outdoor lamps (In the off-season) lighter, Tent peg hammer, Stairs (with the 4x4 vehicles)
Kitchen Gas Stove Small, Gas Stove Big, Utensils, Thermos XL, Cookery set (2x pots & frying pan), Kettle, Dishes and glases, Cutlery (for 5 pers.), Cutting board & knife, Coffee funnel, Cheese cutter, Tin opener bottle opener
Cleaning Sponge, Kitchen brush, Soap, Trash bags, clothes
Linen Inflatable mattresses (120cmx200cm), Fleece blankets

Optional Extras

Camping Card Get access to 41 campsites for one price (valid for 2 adults and 4 children)
Portable Wifi router Stay connected through out your vacation with our 3g/4g
Electric Cooler Want your goods fresh and cold through your travels?
GPS Don’t get lost in Iceland)
GoPro Take incredible photos
Travel grill Grill like a king during your vacation
Phone Stay in touch with our water/shock/dust resistant phone
Car Inverter Charge your phone/computer/camera in the car with the car inverter which converts 12v to 220v