The Products

The Roofbox

The Roofbox is fitted on top of the vehicle and creates a separate compartment. This way you can store all of your luggage inside the vehicle with plenty of space to spare. We currently offer two types of Roofboxes. The Basic, which contains only the tent, table and chairs and The Advanced, which contains everything needed for camping, cooking, sleeping and enjoying Icelandic nature. More

Camper Kit

The 4x4 campers offers you the freedom to sight-see and visit the places you are interested in on your own schedule as well as visit the famous highlands.

We currently offer two types of Campers. The Mitsubishi is the smaller of the two, and has a soft top.


Trailer / Motorhome Kit

The Trailer kit offers you the flexibility to visit the places that you want to visit on your own time and schedule. The trailer can be left on the campsite while you roam freely to sight see the nearest attractions or even the highlands. The camping trailer needs to be encamped, the procedure takes only about 5 minutes.
We currently offer two types of motorhomes, 2-3 person motorhome and 3-4 person motorhome.


The Roofbox Basic: The camping gear in the Basic RoofBox provides all of the absolute necessities to go camping in Iceland. The Roofbox Advanced: The camping gear in the advanced Roofbox has been especially selected by our camping professionals and is of high quality. We have carefully selected all of the necessities to cook, sleep, dine, clean, read, grill and more - in an comfortable and easy fashion.

Camping Card
Get access to 41 campsites for one price
(valid for 2 adults and 4 children)
Stay connected through out your vacation with our 3g/4g Portable Wifi router.
Don’t get lost in Iceland.
Take incredible photos with GoPro camera.
Electric Cooler
Keep your goods fresh and cold through your travel.
Travel grill
Grill like a king
Stay in touch with our water/shock/dust resistant phone.
Car inverter
Charge your phone/computer/camera in the car with the car inverter