Camper Kit

Camper Kit

The 4x4 campers offers you the freedom to sight-see and visit the places you are interested in on your own schedule as well as visit the famous highlands.

We currently offer one type of Camper. We have opted for the rugged Dodge Ram and similar pickup trucks, with a hard top campers which have been proven through the years. Why deviate from a winning formula.

Beside having a hard top which does not require the top to be lifted. The big pickup truck also has more luxury & space inside the cab itself as well as room for one additional person.


For great comfort while travelling we offer the motorhome kit. We currently offer two types of motorhomes. , 2-3 person motorhome and 3-4 person motorhome. The motorhomes are almost identical apart from that the 3-4 person motorhome has two large beds and seats for 4 persons, where the 2-3 person motorhome has one large bed, one small bed and seats for 3 persons.

The Motorhome however does not require to be encamped and comes with most of modern necessities.


Sleeping Bags

We find sleeping bags to be a personal item. Therefore sleeping bags are not included in the Camping kit. However, we rent out sleeping bags for those who want to travel light, at the Camping Iceland office.