Food and festivals

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Okay, we know that you’re here for the spectacular views, majestic landscapes and  friendly people. But our huge island is also known for a wide variety of authentic  foods, desserts and appetizers, some you may fall in love with – others, you may have  a hard time swallowing!
We understand that sometimes trying new foods can be a little intimidating, but we  believe you’ll find a dish or two that you’ll fall in love with. One fact that you’ll be glad  to know is that Icelandic food is actually very healthy because of where it’s made and  how it’s cooked.  For example, the fish in iceland are wild and are caught in the natural waters off the  coast. The livestock is also raised humanely on grasslands with no antibiotics or  chemicals, and the meat is prepared without the use of any GMO.
Some foods you’ll try in Iceland are eaten by locals on a very regular basis, while  other dishes have slowly transitioned themselves out of everyday life but are still  encouraged to tourists to try due to their historic ties with many of the Icelandic past  culture.

1. Slow Roasted Lamb

You may have enjoyed lamb meat in the past, but trust us – the lamb meat grown and  prepared in Iceland is unmatched anywhere else.  The sheep in Iceland are raised on fertile grasslands, meaning they’re fed a healthy,  consistent diet of grass, not wheat or corn like most sheep in the U.S. are.
Lamb meat is considered a delicacy in Iceland, so be prepared to pay a little extra  for a hearty slice.
You can find lamb meat on the menu of many of the cafes and restaurants through the towns of Iceland, served with soup, fresh made bread and  vegetables.

2. Icelandic Lamb Soup

Lamb soup is a tasty dish made from Lamb shoulder, potatoes, carrots, onions and  other herbs. There are several ways you can have your soup served to you, one  obviously in a glass bowl, or, you can have it served in a fresh baked bread bowl.
You can even put a dollop of syur in your soup to add a smooth creamy taste, and  dip a side of buttery bread into your soup, making both a comforting and nutritious  hearty meal!

3. Skyr

This dairy-based spread is what many Americans or tourists might liken to greek  yogurt, because it is aged and has the same texture. It doesn’t have a strong flavor,  which makes it perfect to have with little fruits, berries and granola, and makes for a  yummy breakfast dish.  Make sure to pick a container up at a local market and take it with you on your camper van experience!

4. Fermented Shark Meat

If you’re a daredevil food taster who’s not afraid to try new things – then the shark  meat is for you, because it definitely won’t set well with your buddy who’s taste buds  are sensitive for more delicious, tastier foods.  Fermented shark meat originated in Iceland hundreds of years ago by the icelandic  locals who had no way of preserving their meat, but to let it sit for weeks covered in  sand. Today, you won’t see very many locals eating it, as it is very stinky and carries a  strong smell that many tourists have attributed to smelly feet.  In any case, we recommend that you hold your breath during the first bite, and drink  some schnapps with it.   C’mon though – you can’t visit Iceland without tasting the shark meat!

5. Icelandic Hot Dog  That’s right – hotdogs!

Iceland is known to serve the most delicious, tastiest hot dogs  in the world, and once you try one, you’ll know why! There’s a few reasons why Iceland has been able to perfect the hotdog, one being we use lamb meat as well as some  pork, which both are organic meats.
The condiments that go with it tho help add flavor, such as onions, sweet mustard  and remoulade sauce.
Even if you’re not a big hotdog fan, trust us – this is one hot dog you will fall head  over heels for!

6. Icelandic Fish

Nothing beats enjoying fresh cooked fish that was caught earlier that day! From  trout to cod, Iceland serves up some of the tastiest baked, grilled, fried and steamed  fish in the world.   You can find cooked fish meat in abundance at just about any cafe you visit in  Iceland, and can ask for a side of chips, or veggies!

7. Dark Rye Bread

Dark Rye Bread is a type of rye bread that years ago was traditionally baked in a pot  or steamed in a special wooden box which was buried in the ground near a hot  spring.
This bread is crustless, dark brown, dense and has a nice sweeter texture to it.
You’ll find this in many cafes served with soups and fish. We recommend lathering it  with some Icelandic butter!

8. Icelandic Ice Cream

Last but not least, Iceland is home to some of the most tasty ice cream, serving up all  types from soft serve to Gelato.
There are two types of ice creams to ask for: The Old Kind and the New Kind of ice  cream. The old kind of ice cream has a more milky flavor, while the new kind seems to  be more flavorful.
Either way, they’re both tasty, and you can either get a soft serve cone dipped in  some of the best chocolate syrup, or build an ice cream bowl with all kinds of  different treats.
So what are you waiting for? begin spoiling your taste buds with some of the best foods on the planet!

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