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Interesting sights to enjoy on Iceland’s south coast

In a close range from Reykjavik, the capitol of Iceland, you will find many interesting things to visit.

To name just few to give you some ideas.


The Blue Lagoon

Distance from Reykjavík is around 45 minutes drivel   ( Remember to pre book ! )

You’ve might have seen pictures of this unique lagoon that one can call a wonder,  a natural wonder made by men !  It is a busy place but it is worth the time to visit as the pre booking system is designed so the lagoon is never over crowded.  The Blue Lagoon is open from 8 am to 10 pm.  On the location you have two options of restaurants if you wish but also in a small fishing village close by you will find the famous lobster soup restaurant Bryggjan, right on the dock, a good addition to the visit to the Blue Lagoon.


Friðheimar tomato and horse farm

Distance from Reykjavik is around 1.5 hours drive


One of the benefits of all the geothermal energy is the possible usage of it to warm up greenhouses.  One off those is opereated in  south Iceland and is called Friðheimar ( Fridheimar).  At Friðheimar you can wander around the high tech tomato growing operation that can be controlled via app on the smart phone.  A demonstration on how the bee’s do pollon the tomato plants,  quite interesting to see this in live action.  If you are hungry then they offer a buffet and the infamous tomato soup,  can not get it closer to the origin than at Friðheimar farm.  For some delicatessen to take home you can find nifty little gift shop coner there with tomato products among other local food related items, quite cute actually.   Outside the Friðheimar horse farm gives the opportunity to see the Icelandic horse up close and even pet the horses.


Distance from Reykjavík is around 1,5 hours drive

A complete unique and adventurous experience at the same time is the swimming experience in Seljavallalaug a old 25 meters long hot water swimming pool built by the local farmers in 1923 on the side of a mountain that cerates one of the swimming pools wall.  The location is a bit off the beaten path but you can still not expect to have the pool just for yourself.  The facilities are basic so do not be surprised that the exchange of clothing is a bit primitive- but that is a part of the experience.  You will have to walk about 20 minutes from where you park the car, a little uphill walk but everybody should manage the short walk.

The Golden Circle Iceland

The Golden Circle is a three sight stop and the most visited route in the country.  You can enjoy the Golden Circle Iceland in a one day trip.  We recommend to start at Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park which is in about one hour drive from Reykjavik.  There a stop at Hakið scenic area you can see the tectonic plates quite well along the overview of the park itself including the old parliament area.  This place is filled with history and natural beauty, any time of the year. If you have abundant time we recommend walking around in the park to fully enjoy the landscape of this are that is drifting in two different directions, one part towards Europe and thee other to America – at the same speed as our fingernails grow, imagine that.

Following the stop at Þingvellir it will only take you about 45 minutes to drive towards the Geysir area where you can watch Strokkur hotspring erupt every 10 minutes or so.  It is quite amazing to stand this close to it and see the slowly formation of the bubble that then erupts into the air with a strange noise to it, really the full effect of nature right in front of you.

The last part of the Golden Circle route is the waterfall Gullfoss or the golden waterfall in English.   This famous waterfall can be enjoyed up close and you can feel the earth shake under your feet as the tons of water plunge down every second while you are standing in the mist of the water and listening to the roaring sound of the power from the waterfall,  quite impressive experience.



Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss

Distance from Reykjavik is around  hours drive

Two of Iceland’s famous south coast waterfalls are just a short road trip from Reykjavik.

Seljalandsfoss is known for people being able to walk behind it to experience the power, mist and noise from behind that is truly a unique experience.  This destination is one of the more popular one so you will find some people there but it never gives the feeling of being crowded.  A hiking route there close by is a nice way to reach the mountain top above the waterfall and enjoy the fantastic view of the south coast beaches,  especially during sunset.

Skogafoss is just around the corner from Seljanadsfoss, a 20 minute drive or so, and is worth the stop.  The waterfall is bigger than Seljalandsfoss and alongside it is a good path where you can walk and view the waterfall up close.   There are several restaurants at Skógarfoss area and good campsite as well.  If you are into museums the Skógar Museum gives you good insight into the old farming life in the area.

Reynisfjara the Black Beach on South Coast of Iceland

Distance from Reykjavik is around 2 hours drive.

In Iceland you can find many black sand beaches, and one of its most iconic ones is called Reynisfjara. This beach is known for its basalt columns, black sand, and rock formation.  There are several hiking routes there where you can spend time experiencing the power of the Atlantic ocean thrusting against the beach.  If you are walking on the beach be sure to never turn your back to the ocean as the waves are unpredictable and they can grab you if you are not careful.   True up close experience of on of the force of nature – the ocean!

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