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Some good ideas for swimming pools for children of all ages in Iceland


15 km distance from downtown Reykjavik


Álftaneslaug is both has to offer wide range of water activity and relaxation options.  There is both an indoor and outdoor full size swimming pools.  Several very nice hot pots (  jacussi hot tubs ), a shallow playing pool for the youngest ones.  A fantastic adventurous wave pool for serious water adventure.  For more relaxing items there are steam baths and sauna baths.


10 km distance from down town Reykjavik


This relatively new swimming pool is located in a residential area so you will meet the locals here.  It has both indoor and outdoor pool and a whirlpool pool.  There are of course slides and different hot pots and the infamous water organ !


13 km distance from downtown Reykjavik

This grown in residential swimming pool is the melting pot of the true inhabitants of Hafnarfjordur, the town of the Elfs.  You will be able to participate in deep philosophical discussion or the latest political mess with the wise people if this nice neighboring town of Reykjavik.  The pool has both indoor and outdoor pool land several hot pots that vary in heat and tow cold pots as well for the brave ones.

Sundlaug Kópavogs 

6,5 km distance from downtown Reykjavik

This newly renovated traditional swimming pool has very good outdoor and indoor pools for the swimmers in the family.  For the kids you will find slides and shallow play hot pots and for the parents nice hot pots to relax in.


14,5 km from downtown Reykjvik

For the serious swimmers and the rest of the family this is a good choice.  It is the largest indoor pool fit for serious swimming competitions.  The large playing area hop pot for kids is one the the largest you can find along with good hot pots and slides inside as well.  The only thing you find outside are two hot pots.

Sundlaugin á Hellu

94 km from downtown Reykjavik

For those who are on the road the swimming pool in the town of Hella on the south coast of Iceland is a good choice.  It is family friendly and not that busy with other tourist so it gives you the opportunity to meet the locals and have a nice chat.  You might even hear of some secret places close by !

Sundlaug Akureyrar

388 km distance from downtown Reykjavik

In the town of Akureyri, the captiol of north Iceland,  the beautiful and very nice water world is waiting for you and your family.  Fantastic playing area and slides for the kids and well located hot pots for the parents to relax after a day of Icelandic adventure on the road.

Vatnaveröld í Reykjanesbæ

49 km from downtown Reykjavik

Vatnaveröld í Reykjanesbæ or in english, the waterworld in the town of Reykjanesbær,  is specially popular of the local parents as it is known as a true water adventure for the childen. It is a good end of a day tour around Reyjanes peninsula to stop and relax before you head back to Reykjavik.

Reykjanes Westfjord swimming pool

320 km distance from downtown Reykjavik

This country old fashioned swimming pool is for you guys travelling on the Westfjords.  This pool is in the midst of an geothermal area and you can see the hotspring from the pool and also you can see the all natural sea salt manufacturer – a mall unit that boils the sea salt out of the ocean using the geothermal energy.  This is a warm swimming pool and really the largest hot pot in the country with fantastic we of the fjord and the bird life around.

Hofsósi swimming pool

327 km distance from downtown Reykjavik


This amazing architecture is a must visit if you are travelling to the north of Iceland.  When you are swimming in the pool it is just like you are actually swimming in the ocean, such is the great design.  While relaxing in the hot pot you can enjoy a fantastic view to the islandd of Drangey on the bay.


Borgarnes swimming pool

76 km distance from downtown Reykjavik

When touring the west part of Iceland a good selection is the swimming pool in the town of Borgarnes.  It has slides and indoor playing pool with and a good hot pot area outside.  It is a nice place to relax and meet some locals as many of Icelanders who are enjoying their stay in on of hundreds of summer huts in the area usually visit this pool.

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